I´m Kamiran Lokman,

💊 pharmacist working in Germany. I studied pharmacy at Hawler Medical University for five years and graduated in 2011.

🎓 I have an MBA (Master in Business Administration). For two years, I studied modules like leadership, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and other topics at this study University of Burgenland / Austrian Institute of Management 2021.

💻 On this website, I write articles about productivity entrepreneurship and share experiences that I have found helpful in my studies and career.

🎥 I create videos about health, medicine, technology, productivity, and lifestyle on my YouTube channel and share my favorite apps and technologies.

✒️ I write and share some thoughts on topics I have been thinking about and links to books, articles, and podcasts I have enjoyed.  Read less!

💊 During my studies (2007-2011), I attended the College of Pharmacy in Erbil - Iraqi Kurdistan. and made my best friends there. After graduation, we started working in some pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, and I could earn more in sales and marketing-related strategies. Mentioning their names are my big thanks and appreciation to them; KMCA, HEMIN PHARMACY, SAFWAN Co., ESB GROUP, LAZURDE Co., AND HOZ GROUP.

👦 I am interested in technology and coding, sparked by my first participation in computer learning like M. Word and other programs when I was 13. The unique gift at that time was a Pentium III PC from my beloved ❤️FATHER... Now (kaami.net is my website and developed by myself with HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts codes). The Domain is by Google domain, and The Host is by Zyro. Don't hesitate to contact me for any kind of help in creating your website hi@kaami.net 👈✉️✍️

🎹 I like to play the piano and oud instruments. As well as listening to Classical Kurdish (Like; Ali Mardan, Tayar Tofik, etc.) genres with Pop songs (Zakaria, etc.). Sometimes I post videos or photos regarding that on Instagram. Along with various selfies from work and other hobbies - you can find me there @kamiranlokman and follow me if that sounds even remotely appealing.

👑 I have a great interest in Chess and have my way and strategy of playing. Find me there on Chess.com (Chess.com:👉 K_pharm) if it sounds interesting to you as I have been a member there since 2012.