Why is it important to be a pharmacist?

''Medicine + everyone equals Toxic, Medicine + pharmacist is lifesaving!''


Kamiran Lokman


Why is it essential to be a pharmacist?

I had an interest in working in a high position in healthcare. But I did not even know there was a department called pharmacy!

Then, based on my credit and the national system, I compared a few places to choose one of them to study at. I could start with the College of Pharmacy - Hawler Medical University (KRG-Iraq). After five years of study, I could get a bachelor's degree in pharmacy there. Then after a few years of experience, I can now say: why I again want to become a pharmacist:

1- Career opportunities and flexibility:

A- work as a clinical pharmacist (especially with a Pharm-D or a Master's in clinical pharmacy). Together with the doctor, this clinical pharmacist decides and monitors the type and the best way to use medications. To achieve the best results and avoid all dangerous interactions, contraindications, and side effects.

B- Working in the drug industry or a center for drug research and innovation. Both are important in protecting global health by developing new medicines and minimizing the undesirable properties of existing medications.

C- Working as a pharmacist in pharmacy, either as a leader or one of the staff there.

It is so vital to the community, and there is an equation that always is to be kept in mind:

''Medicine + everyone equals Toxic,

Medicine + pharmacist is lifesaving!''

Pharmacists in public pharmacies are responsible for reviewing and monitoring the correct combination of medications within a prescription and the best way for patients to take them. Pharmacists also dispense non-prescription medications or OTC products to patients.

D- The work in sales and marketing after the drugs are manufactured or invented. When distributing and marketing medications to reach suitable patients safely and effectively, the absolute priority falls on pharmacists.

2- There are always opportunities and vacancies for pharmacists, especially in the systematic and developed countries where the job descriptions, health systems, health insurance systems, and others are well organized.
3- The annual income of pharmacists is high in well-developed or semi-organized countries, and they can be among the best gain in any country.
4- Pharmacists enjoy a high level of trust and popularity because they are available most of the time to meet the people's daily needs in the community.
5- Pharmacists have an excellent chance to be independent and run their own business, such as a pharmacy or drug manufacturer. They have more time flexibility, manage a team, and invest more time in self-development.
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